Sunday, July 21, 2013

From the Mountaintop to the Valley...

A former President once said..."only when you have been in the deepest, darkest valley can you appreciate how glorious it is on the mountaintop."   Last night I was on the mountaintop of my career as the New Orleans Press Club awarded me their Lifetime Achievement Award.   I had conquered (for now) cancer, buried my Mom and appeared to be headed towards happy times ahead.   However, I received a call this morning none of us want to receive.  That a loved one had died over night. Let me digress...I had been asked to get involved with the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo back in the mid 80s by the Late Doctor Don Peterson.  After retirement, the Rodeo had become his life.  He introduced me to Grand Isle fishing and I was hooked!  I became the Rodeo's M.C at their Awards ceremony shortly thereafter and continue to this date.  After Doc died, Mr. Paul Candies took over the role as the FORCE of the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo.  The Candies offered generous financial and logistical support and Mr. Paul, with the help of many others, made sure the Rodeo carried on.  Mr. Paul loved the Rodeo, not just as an event(he loved fishing with the late Archie Lowery) but as an opportunity to entertain clients and smooze with the local politicians.  This morning Mr. Paul died suddenly just as the 2013 Tarpon Rodeo Week is about to begin.   I know the Candies Family is stunned and I offer my sympathy to Miss Rita, PB & Brett and all their children  I really felt like a part of their family during all these years..   It will be a challenge to carry on the tradition that Paul so spectacularly achieved during the past 20+ years.  We indeed are in the deepest, darkest valley, but Mr. Paul would not want us to stay there.  And so we won't.    God Speed Capt. Paul

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Denise Boudreaux said...

Bob, I was at the houseboat this past Thursday and Friday night, serving Mr. Paul, Mrs. Rita, the family, their friends and guests to a dinner executed by students of the JFCI at Nicholls State. I am so proud to say it was my third year to serve Mr. Paul and Mrs. Rita, and as you know, they have a unique way to treat everyone as family. Mr. Paul and Mrs. Rita have been monumental contributors to the JFCI and have supported the students in many, many ways. It was completely overwhelming this evening when the Chef Instructor who led the dinner this past weekend informed me of Mr. Paul's passing. I feel as though I have lost a grandfather. His personal concern for the students and the program will be deeply missed and no one will fill his shoes. I will personally make sure the students of JFCI know of Mr. Paul's dedication to our institute.
There was conversation of preparing for the Tarpon Rodeo and your arrival as well as that of others. I know the spirit of Mr. Paul will be well present through out the rodeo. He was an amazing man who will be dearly missed my many. Prayers to Mrs. Rita and the family in this sorrowful time.