Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tropics Gone Quiet

From everything I’m seeing (Huge Dry Air layer coming off Africa, Stronger Atlantic Ridge, cooler SST in Tropical Atlantic ), I believe this hurricane season will end up far less in the total number of named storms.   Funny that the past 2 years at the end of July we have the same number of named storms as this year (4).  The difference is both of those years had systems develop way out in the Atlantic driving up the total number of names.   Not gonna happen this year. My gut tells me we’ll end up with 12-14 named storms, way under 2011 (18) or 2012 (19).  If we can see an early Fall with the east coast trough driving down cooler air over us, we could end up seeing a quiet season  locally…and wouldn’t that be nice!!!  Stay tuned.


In the short term, I see no major day to day changes with the exception of Thursday afternoon when a weak frontal boundary may drift close enough to increase our rain chances.  Adios July…bring on August.  Only 4 weeks left to Meteorological  Summer !

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