Monday, August 5, 2013

Heat is on, but it's August

Had a lady call this afternoon saying “ I can’t remember it ever being this hot.”  As I explained to her, our memories are short when it comes to weather.  Today was our 4th day in a row of highs 95+ making the total for this summer 6.  Compare that to 7 at the same time last summer and 29 (yea that’s right!) for the summer of 2011.  We actually have been less hot compared to our previous 2 summers.  But we only recall the now and it’s plenty hot this summer!


Dr. Gray updated his named storms number last week and surprisingly kept it the same (16).  NOAA will come out with their revised number this Thursday.  Again, I would be surprised if they didn’t decrease their total numbers.  I’m still seeing big clouds of African dust being swept out into the tropical Atlantic, but more importantly, there is a lack of waves coming off of African.   That may have to do with below normal waters over in the Indian Ocean where these waves originate?   Whatever, it appears the next 5-7 days will stay quiet with the best chance for development coming from old fronts that dip down over the U.S. with the east coast trough.   Each day is one day closer to October and Fall cold fronts.  Stay Tuned!

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