Friday, August 29, 2014

No Katrina, No Nothing - Worldwide!

After seeing all the Katrina reporting on the early news, I will not remind anyone what happened 9 years ago.   We remember.  Let's move on.   Nearing September 2014 and what I find amazing about the current weather is that there are ZERO Hurricane or Topical Storms ANY WHERE!  We are in the heart/peak of hurricane activity and we have nothing, nada.  But do you recall all of the predictions from the AGW Alarmists?   "We'll see more frequent & more intense Hurricanes".  Not happening.  In fact none of the models develop a storm during the next 5-7 days.   Better news, looking out ahead 12-14 days...I see the first REAL cool front of the Fall season arriving around Sept. 12th.   Bring 'em on!

In the short term, the Gulf is still churning with lots of deep tropical moisture streaming into Louisiana.  There is a mid level swirl back to out west that should move into southwest LA. tomorrow.  Look for several stormy periods here, some over night, before things calm down for Sunday & Monday.   With the current set up of deep moisture, any storms that do develop on Saturday will be efficient rain producers resulting in 1-2 " in less than an hour.  That could cause some minor street flooding.  Stay tuned!

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wieman351 said...

Can't wait for fall.