Monday, September 15, 2014

Dave Barnes Passes...

On everybody's journey through life, there are usually several people that really make a difference.  My grade school teacher Sister Marie Anita, my college professor Dr. Bill Kuhn, my TV mentors, John Coleman, Harry Volkman & Roy Leep.   I would add Dave Barnes to the above list as Dave was the head of the local office of the  National Weather Service back in 1978 when I arrived in N.O.  The office was located on one of the top floors of a building near the Post Office with a very visible tower that housed the radar.  Since Ch. 8 had no weather office or any weather equipment when I arrived, I visited Dave's office everyday for 4-6 weeks until Ch. 8's weather equipment finally was delivered.  Dave was the one who tutored me on New Orlean's unique weather and helped me survive my 1st "hundred year" flood (May 3, 1978).  Dave took my late wife & I on his boat for my 1st trip on Lake Pontchartrain.   Even when Dave left the NWS to join Ch. 4 in 1983, we stayed close friends.   I admired him (he had a Masters in Meteorology), I respected him & I competed against him...but always, we remained friends.   Dave Barnes was only 78.

Don't much feel like talking about the weather & I trust you understand.  Tuesday should see more active tropical downpours.  The Tropics have several systems, but none are in our neighborhood nor are any expected for the next 7-10 days.

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