Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Feeling Fleeting For Weekend...

Everyone was raving about the "feel" to the air today.  Refreshing, invigorating, energizing...Amazing.   How long can it last?  Well, I fairly confident at least for another 2 days before the muggies are back on Friday.  The big question mark is how wet will we get for this weekend?   There my confidence level falls off sharply.  RIGHT NOW, it appears winds will be back off the Gulf not only at the surface but higher up.  That will allow deep tropical moisture to stream in.  IF we have any minor upper disturbances arrive, we could get stormy at times with heavy downpours.  I'm gonna wait until tomorrow before I says our weekend goes in the dumper.  the Tropics are showing zero signs of life.

I've been just numbed by the Alarmist's assault on Climate Change.  My generation wanted LESS government control over our lives (remember the draft?).  This generation wants MORE government control of their lives.   Will history repeat itself?

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