Sunday, September 21, 2014

Great Weekend...Fat Lady Approaching Stage

Wow, what a weekend!   I know it was still kinda hot during the day, but the nights & mornings had that "feel of Fall".  Officially, the Autumnal Equinox occurs at 9:29 PM on Monday, but this weekend showed us that the grip of summer's heat is over.   That lower sun angle and longer nights are taking their toll and the tale of the season has arrived.   Not to say sweater weather is here.  Far from it, but another weak front will re-enforce the nice dry feel Monday night thru Wednesday.  We will have to wait until we get into October before we see a REAL cold front move on through.

As we head into the final days of September, none of the computer models are indicating any development during the next 10-14 days.   That means IF something were to develop, we would be into October where , historically, we have had zero major hurricanes make landfall in Louisiana after the 1st week in October.  I am liking our chances and have noticed the "Fat Lady" is now approaching the stage.  She is not singing just yet, but it is only a matter of days before we hear "turn out the lights...".  Stay tuned!

On Saturday I attended the services for Dave Barnes at the St. Tammany Yacht Club.  Angela Hill described Dave as a true gentleman.  His children were terrific in describing their Dad.  Wow. To know how many folks Dave touched in his life made the service more rewarding. It reminded me of an old Sarah McLachlan song, "I Will Remember You".

         I will Remember you, Will you remember me?  Don't let your life pass you by, Weep not for    
         the memories.

Fear not Dave.   Many will remember you.   Dave Barnes, Meteorologist, Broadcaster, Father, Friend.

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