Monday, September 22, 2014

History to Repeat Itself...

Back when I was younger (50s & 60s), President Eisenhower warned about the dangers of the " Military/industrial complex" and Academia dictating Governmental powers (Taxes).  It took an uprising of my generation to put a stop to the Vietnam War (too much military power/government involvement in our lives).   Now we have our latest generation marching in NYC for MORE government involvement in our lives.   Go figure.   If you ever wondered if this was about science or politics, all you had to do was see some of the signs folks carried.  "Capitalism is the disease, Socialism is the cure" - highlighted on Weather-Underground.   All day The Weather Channel has been preaching about the dangers of Climate Change, even having a panel of "experts".   They all preached from the same prayer book.  Did they ever have anyone on to debate the 'experts" like Dr. Judith Curry of Georgia Tech or Dr. Roy Spenser of University of Alabama-Huntsville?  Nope.  They don't want any opposing scientific viewpoints.    Here's my take.

The World runs on AFFORDABLE energy.  AFFORDABLE energy produces good paying jobs.  What these folks want is for all of us to LOWER our standard of living and pay HIGHER taxes in some misguided belief that we can stop the Planet's Climate from changing.  We can stop the hungry from being hungry.  We can help those homeless & mentally disabled, but we cannot stop our climate from changing.  Politics are involved here since the focus on climate change takes the focus off the REAL issues...Terrorism,  Good paying Jobs, Immigration.   What I don't understand is IF governments forced higher taxes on us to stop the climate from changing, it would hurt the poorest of the poor more than anyone else.

Alas, I have not talked much about weather.  Our first real front will make for a great feeling the next 2 days.  Enjoy!


Deacon Jimmy said...

Bob, you are so right. Let's look at the real issues and pour our energy into something we CAN change. Let us all pray that God pour His blessings upon this country and we can respond by being the good stewards of His creation that He asks us to be.
Keep up the good fight Bob!

JetfireK said...

Thank you for your enlightenment on climate change.
I notice this is perhaps the 2nd time you have stated, Americans would pay higher tax (which I believe) but would you state a source for higher tax?
Thanks again!
Judy Konos

Bourbon St. Blues said...

...and to think one of the reasons we purchases the great state of Alaska was for the oil rich land it has....

One doesn't have to look far into our government to see that we are paying higher income taxes under this current administration.

One example.... To help pay for the Affordable Heathcare Act, Gov't has two new taxes...A "Net Investment Tax" of 2.9% and an Additional Medicare Tax of .9%. These taxes are imposed for people making over $250,000. And what has this increase in taxes really bought us? The cost of implementing this has far out paced the source of revenue and it isn't working. And this is an example of what you have...Socialism at work, right in front of our eyes.

Well just gorgeous weather we are having right now. It feels so good...and come to think of it I don't think our government could stop it from matter how much tax(money)we throw at it.

Bob Breck said...

The way Government gets people to pay higher "taxes" is by 1st charging fees/taxes to big corporations (oil companies, power companies) so the people feel no pain at first. BUT, Corporations will just pass the higher costs do to we the people. We'll see higher energy bills, higher fuel/gas costs, higher everything. The President says "it's the right thing to do". I disagree. If you don't have a jobs & can't put food on the table for your family, you're worried about the next DAY...not the year 2050. America usually wakes up after something bad passes Congress, except this President/King/Zar doesn't go to Congress.