Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Feeling Fleeting

Wow, what a weekend!   Sunny, warm days, comfy cool nights.  Unfortunately, these early Fall fronts don’t last but 2-3 days before the muggies & warm temps return.  The dip in the jet stream over the eastern states will lift back to the north this week with an upper ridge building over us.  The result will be no new fronts reaching us until sometime NEXT WEEK.   We’ll see highs almost hot again (85-90) with nights much milder (65-70+).  Rain chances will be near zero most of this week as the lower sun angle reduces the daytime heating shower chances.   Put away the sweaters and jackets for the next 7-10 days.


The American computer model (GFS) is up to its old tricks of trying to develop a late season storm over the southern Gulf sometime around Oct. 15th.   Not saying it can’t happen (Hurricane Juan Oct. 26-28th,1985), but I really don’t pay much attention to model predictions that far in advance.   Stay tuned!

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