Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Severe Season

Most of us know that the Spring is time for Tornadoes, but there is a distinctive secondary severe weather season for us in late October into early December.  Usually the threat is more widespread “straight line winds” versus the compact swirl of a tornado, but damage is damage.  Does it matter what caused it?  Nah, the only ones who care are the insurance companies, but let’s not get me started.   Behind these early Fall fronts the cool down is not drastic and the daytime highs are pleasantly warm (75-80) with the nights comfy cool (40s & 50s).  Enjoy the next 2-3 days before the muggies slowly crept back over the weekend.


Hurricane Gonzalo has already started making the turn to the north away from Puerto Rico.  He is getting stronger and could become a major storm during the next 2-3 days threatening Bermuda only days after that island took a blow from Fay.  Our season is over since we have cold fronts coming and anything that forms this late should be steered well to our east.  Stay tuned!

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