Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hanna In Gulf...So What!

Just when you say something won't happen, it happens.   NHC sends out a plane that finds a well defined circulation over the extreme southern Gulf this afternoon with wind speeds to 35 mph, but it does not make it a Depression or named storm.   Tonight, based on satellite pictures, NHC says TD # 9 has formed and will probably become Trop. Storm Hanna on Wednesday before reaching the Coast of the Yucatan.   If we were still in August or September, we might have reasons to be nervous.  But since we are in late October and winds are roaring out of the WSW across the central & northern Gulf,  whatever forms tomorrow or later this week will not be allowed to move northward towards us.  In fact, as a Nor'Easter deepens along the east coast, a strong push of dry air could force this system south of Miami and not threaten Florida at all.   Several computer models hint that another storm might develop over the western Caribbean late next week, but we will be almost into November and more fronts will be coming.   Our Tropical season is over.

Locally, we are in day 8 without rain and that streak is likely to reach 12-14 before any significant showers arrive next week.  Clear, cool nights with warm, sunny days means great weather for outside activities.

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