Monday, November 10, 2014

Old Man Winter Arrives 6 Weeks Early

As a youngster growing up outside Chicago (NW Indiana), I remember some early snows falling before Thanksgiving, but that was a rare event.  Usually real Winter started the 1st week into December.  It appears this year could revert to the rare BEFORE Thanksgiving snows as Arctic air is invading the lower 48 & snow cover continues to increase.   The north side of Minneapolis had over a foot of the white stuff as did north of Green Bay.   This latest “Polar Express” will reach us early on Wednesday, but the core of the cold should stay to our north.   There will be another Arctic Blast coming early next week that looks to be colder.   Ahead of that could be our 1st “Gulf Low” of this season forming on the old frontal boundary down over the western Gulf.  Too soon to nail down the timing, but it appears late Saturday night into Sunday will be our best rain chance in weeks.  Nope, too warm for snow here…wait for December!   Stay tuned!

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