Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Record Breaking Early Chill

Some years back the AGW crowd warned that ski areas would have less snow & shorter seasons because CO 2 was increasing warming the atmosphere.  CO2 has been increasing BUT what we are seen is not a warming Earth, but a cooling one.   Today’s minus 26 (that’s below zero!) shattered the record low for Casper WY.

The chill has push all the way through Texas into northern Mexico and more cold is coming.  If this pattern is still in place next month or in Jan-Feb, look out south Louisiana.  We’ll be talking about pipe busting cold and maybe some of the white stuff!   As snow cover increases to our north, the likelihood for frequent cold down to the Gulf Coast increases too.    We will see a brief warming for Saturday & Sunday before another Arctic Blast arrives Monday & Tuesday.  Keep the heavy coats handy.


I feel relieved that the U.S. & China  have reached an “agreement” for reducing CO2 emissions.  We are forced to reduce…translation pay higher energy coast, while China stays the same.   What an agreement!

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