Thursday, December 4, 2014

Getting Tired of Daily Fog...

One reason I live on the South Shore is I often need to quickly get into work during breaking weather.   I always worried about what would happen during a weather event when my way into work was limited (Causeway, Twin Span, Bonne Carre).   I’m sure many of you are already sick of the convoys & single lane driving and we’re barely into December!  Our main Fog Season usually runs from December into March and can often extend into Early April.   Water temps. 60 or below coupled with dew points 60+, send up the fog possibility flags.  Easy for me to say…BE PATIENT, SLOW DOWN, but that’s what’s required when visibilities drop to a few hundred feet.  


I do see some relief coming late Saturday into Sunday as a weak cool front should blow away the muggies for a couple of days.  We will flirt with 80 degrees again on Friday & Saturday before wee drop into the 60s behind the front, which is where we should be.   I see no real cold air coming  for the next 10-14 days.

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