Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's Never Easy to Say Goodbye

I have seen the face of death many times through a wife, a brother, a Father & a Mother.  One was swift with little suffering and no opportunity to say goodbye.  The others were lingering health issues with great suffering & little quality of life at the end.   This weekend we buried my Wife’s (Brenda) Mother (Ann) who at the end was down to less than 70 lbs.    I am not smart enough to understand the Creator’s plan for the dying process.  I just know it is difficult for the individual and families involved.  However, out of the darkness often comes a light and that light was Brenda’s brother Jim who gave one of the most powerful, brilliant & profound eulogies I have ever heard.   We all have our faults but Jim highlighted his Mom’s strengths.  I hope my sons will remember me in the way Jim remembers his Mom, the person who gave him life.    The Priest made it clear saying many only believe in Birth, Life & then Death.  We, as Christians, believe in Life, Death & then RESURRECTION.   This was a weekend to realize our time on this Planet is finite and we all have a purpose.  I said good bye to my Mother-in-Law with the knowledge “til we meet again”.


I’ll get back to weather forecasting tomorrow.  Tonight I am still thankful for life, and so should you.   Don’t wait until your Mom or Dad dies and then regret not telling them “How Great Thou Art”. 

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