Monday, January 26, 2015

Holy Hype Batman !

OMG…has this been the most “over-hyped” storm ever?   Not my words, but those from the CEO of a grocery chain in the Northeast.   I know you have to error on the side of caution, but to begin calling it “Historic, Epic, Storm of the Century, Blizzard of ‘15”   2 days ahead of time and scaring the pants off many folks so they go panic buying 2 days ahead of time is a little over kill to me.   When we have to evacuate our location in a hurricane threat, you need 2-3 days lead time…but for a snowstorm?   Like the CEO said…”this is a Nor’Easter and we’re hardy people.  This is what happens in January.”   Can’t say it any better.    Some folks WILL get 1-2’ of snow, but only those east of the Big Apple.


Locally, with storms anchored off both coasts, look for only slow weather changes.  That means, after chilly mornings, mild afternoon highs (60-65) under a higher January sun angle.  We might top 70 on Thursday before our next cold front chills us down for the weekend.   Unfortunately, we could turn wet late Saturday into Sunday.   Stay tuned!

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