Monday, January 19, 2015

January Reality Returns

With most of the nation enjoying a typical January thaw with temps will above freezing, computer models are suggesting  the reality of mid Winter cold is about to return to the eastern states.  I mentioned last week that we haven’t seen a really big snow storm across the southern states yet, but hold on, that could happen next week.  The east coast trough is predicted to return and that will bring the Arctic air back far into the South.  The question is 1) how deep will the trough be and 2)  where will it set up?    No, it’s unlikely we would get snow, but instead another opportunity for freezing temps, even on the South Shore.  We have time to watch this development so stay tuned!


In the short term, another Spring preview is on tap for Tuesday with plenty of sunshine.  Wednesday starts the cool down with heavy coats needed by Thursday.  We could see an ugly cold rain late Thursday into Friday.  Enjoy Tuesday!

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