Friday, February 20, 2015

Coldest February Ever?

I can’t remember seeing all the network newcasts lead with weather everyday of the week.  The pictures have at times been spectacular (Niagara Falls), but too often heartbreaking as Americans try to cope with the snow & cold.   I remember back in the 70s taking a hammer to my Mother-in-Law’s gutter to break up ice jams that would force melting water to leak back into the ceilings much like the videos coming out of the Northeast.   What I find so amazing is the snow loads causing roof failures.  What a tragedy.  Again a reminder that a colder climate is far worse than a warmer one, much harder to adapt to and live through.


This weekend will bring another brief Spring Fling, but it won’t last long.   Strong south winds on Saturday will turn around back to the north by midday on Sunday.  The warm up will take us into the 70s tomorrow but back into the 40s by late Sunday.  Worse yet, this next front is likely to stall along our coast and we’ll stay cloudy, cold & dreary for much of next week.   Get out & enjoy Saturday!

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