Friday, February 27, 2015

It's Almost Over...Well maybe Not.

“Meteorological Winter”, the 3 coldest months of the year, ends tomorrow with little signs of Spring coming for most folks up north.  We’ll see a warm up the next 4-5 days after a 6 day stretch of temps way below normal.  However, more snowstorms are coming for the states north of the Ohio River.  With the Great Lakes 80-85% frozen over, it’s almost a given that Spring like weather will be delayed until April & into May as the energy from the daily higher sun angle first melts the snow cover & then thaws all the ice on the lakes.  No such problems for us as we generally see highs get into the 70s in March & 80s in April.  Love Spring in the South as it’s the time of year when humidity’s aren’t awful & temperatures not brutally hot.  We know what comes in June, July & August into September so let’s put on a sweater and get outside this weekend and enjoy our weather.


Saturday will be the better day as sunshine should be abundant with clouds coming back Saturday night with some showers developing on Sunday.  Our next strong front won’t arrive until next Wednesday with warm air streaming ahead of it that could have our highs near 80 on Tuesday.

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Kathy said...

Just read a forecast for this week coming that said- 'Freezing Rain, Sleet, and Snow will likely make one last big show for much of the South on Wednesday and/or Thursday.' ...and it mapped down to New Orleans as a possibility.

Do you think that's possible? We are flying from New Orleans to NYC Thursday afternoon and did not have any indication of weather trouble until just reading the above from an online weather blog.