Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Record Cold means Climate change. Huh?

Yep, I knew it wouldn’t take them long.  The AGW Alarmists jumping on the month long brutal Arctic assault of cold & snow blaming it on WEATHER EXTREMES due to climate change.  Nope I don’t make this stuff up.  Now there is a new study (who pays for this?) that claims that hotter extremes are worse economically than colder extremes.  Really?   Are you kidding me?  Clearly it is more life threatening during an Arctic outbreak than during a summer heat wave.   What will it take to convince the AGW believers that the Planet operates on CYCLES and the current cycle is a cooling one.  Remember NASA & NOAA just a few weeks ago proclaimed that 2014 was the hottest year ever?    Ooops, when pressed with conflicting satellite data, they backtracked and admitted that wasn’t so.   Since the government is in the business of PR promoting “true” science, that’s all we ever hear.  Let Winter roll on into April.  That still will not convince the Alarmists.  It will take another Ice Age.  By the way, The Weather Channel is predicting that 100 cities from the Northeast to Florida could set record cold morning lows the next 2 days.


The good times are rolling on this Mardi Gras night despite temps falling into the 30s.  Freezing temps are likely away from Lake P. the next 2 nights with daytime highs struggling to get into the 50s (Normal is 66!).  A huge warm up is coming beginning on Friday and lasting through the weekend before our next Arctic blast arrives on Monday.  With the warmer air(70s) will come increasing chances for rain.  

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