Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Records Tumble from Canada to Florida

During my 67+ years on this Planet, only 27 were spent up north so it’s not really fair for me to compared my cold weather experiences since I’ve spent so much of my life down South.  However, I will share some memories I do have of the Blizzard of ’78 in Dayton, Ohio when over a foot of snow fell with air temps at 5 below and winds gusting to 50 mph+.   Or Christmas of ’83 when I had to pick up my Brother-in-law at Union Station in downtown Chicago where the air temperature dipped to minus 25 and the headline in the Sun Times read…”Windchill Minus 82!”.  (Windchill scale has since been revised)   I recall the Super Storm of March ’93 that buried Atlanta with over a foot of snow.   All of these storms happened before cell phones, before Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Ya DA Ya Da .  Could it be that’s why today’s winter storms seem worse?   Whatever, tonight’s Arctic Blast rivals those of the past and it won’t be the last.   There will be a brief, quick warm up for many folks up north before Old Man Winter starts rolling again next week.  Our hearts go out to those enduring one of the coldest, snowiest Februarys ever!


We’ll have near record cold in the morning with a light freeze away from Lake P. but bright sunshine should result in a rapid warm up with the afternoon being comfy cool.  A major change arrives Friday on brisk SE winds that will pull Gulf moisture/clouds and warmer air back over us.  Some showers could develop on Friday & Saturday but the best rain chance will be Sunday PM when our next cold front approaches.  We’ll go from the 50s on Thursday to the 60s on Friday to the 70s Sat-Sunday and back into the 40s on Monday.   I’m ready for Spring.   How about you?

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