Monday, February 23, 2015

Unbelieveable, Remarkable, Unprecedented, Historic...

Yep, you have heard those words used many times by the media to describe weather from the California droughts to summer heat waves to Super Storm Sandy.  Yet I don’t hear those kinds of adjectives being used to describe the current cold wave that has engulfed the nation for the past week.   Marquette, Michigan broke their daily record low by 13 degrees !  That’s remarkable!   I know the networks have been doing a good job covering the persistent snows over the Northeast, but I don’t hear the same kind of passion describing the cold as I do hearing about the heat.    Yet isn’t the effects from below zero cold far worse than 90+ degree heat? Bias?   Nah!  Probably me being too sensitive?


Locally, what a DRASTIC weather change…from Sunday’s 79 to today’s daylight high of 48!   Then again, large temperature swings are “normal” for this time of the year.  It’s called late Winter, which by the way “meteorologically” ends on Saturday.  The next 4 days will stay 15-20+ degrees below average/normal with several fast moving disturbances bringing us some rain threats.  The most pronounced will arrive on Wednesday when it could be an all day affair resulting in rain totals of 1-2”.   Thursday & Friday look dry but chilly before warmer air returns for the weekend.   Not sure about any rain chances then as it appears the southern storm track has kicked in for the 1st time in many months.  We could be back 70+ Sunday or Monday.  Stay tuned!



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