Thursday, February 26, 2015

What A Month, What a Winter !!!

I often kid about the winter weather up north, but it really isn’t funny anymore to most of those folks.  My friends all tell me they are sick of it…sick of the cold, sick of the snow, sick of being sick.   Unfortunately, the warm up that will overspread most of the Gulf South for early next week will not extend much above the Ohio River.  In fact, Boston is needing only another 5 + inches of the white stuff to break their snowiest ever.  There is still a lot of Winter to endure for the northern states, but our attention will begin to shift to the southern Severe Weather Season now that warm air will be coming back.   Our next strong cold front will arrive next Wednesday and could trigger an outbreak of severe storms.  It’s way too early to know for sure how bad it might get, but highs will soar to near 80 ahead of the front.  Stay tuned!


In the short term, Friday may begin cloudy, but the sun should break out sooner than today.  Highs will struggle to get into the low 50s, some 15-20 colder than normal/average.  Saturday stay mostly sunny & slightly warmer perhaps nearing 60 with clouds arriving Saturday night and some showers on Sunday as a warm front pushes northward from the Gulf.  Sunday’s highs in the 60s will warm into the 70s for Monday-Wednesday.

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