Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's Over For Us...Not Up North

Today I donned shorts for the first time this year as I tried to rediscover my golf swing.   As we warmed into the 80s again, I remembered many years when I lived up in Indiana & Michigan and we had snow into the first week in April!    Boston & Buffalo still have snow on the ground!   I was born into that and grew up thinking it was “normal” to be cold & miserable for 7 months of the year.  Then my 1st TV job took me to Tampa where my 1st Christmas day it was 82 degrees.  I began to wonder what is worse…the Summer heat?   Or the Winter cold.    It’s been an easy call for me as we can golf & fish for nearly 12 months of the year.  Can’t do that up north.   My Mom & Dad hated the heat & would never retire in the South…but neither of them fished or golfed!


This weekend we welcome Spring at 5:45 PM Friday.  It will feel like it as highs should top 80.   A frontal boundary to our north will be the focus for numerous showers and where that boundary sets up will determine who gets the heavier rainfall.  Tonight it appears the boundary will be over north Louisiana on Friday sinking into central LA/MS on Saturday and down to us during Sunday.  That means the higher/better rain chances should come on Sunday with Friday and Saturday having many dry hours.  Enjoy your weekend!

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