Thursday, March 26, 2015

The excitement that's Spring...

As someone born in the North (Hammond, IN.), I remember the joy of watching the Earth come back to life after brutally cold & snowy Winters.  Now that I’ve been living in the South for nearly 4 decades and don’t have to deal with much cold & snow, I still feel the excitement of Spring as tropical plants & flowers that I’ve protected all Winter begin to leaf out.  My grapefruit tree (which had nearly 200 on it last year) is loaded with new blossoms and so is my lemon tree.  The citrus smells are terrific & it’s great to watch a return of the honeybees.   My water oaks have leaves again and there is again colorful flowers growing in my yard.  What a delightful time of the year…unless you have allergies.   Bummer.


Today’s dreadful weather will be rewarded with a great weekend of sunshine & good feel air.   Only when you’ve been in the deepest, darkest valley can you appreciate how glorious it is on the mountaintop and this weekend we will be on the top of the mountain.  Get out and enjoy it before the real heat of summer starts to show up in another 4-6 weeks.

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