Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wild Swings of Spring

Today was our warmest day since last December when we hit 81 on the 5th.  Lakefront Airport recorded 83 with Kenner hitting 80.   Since I like warm weather, I have no problems dealing with it.  However, with local water temps still in the 50s, dense fog issues will continue until a cold front arrives early on Thursday.  Expect another Spring like day on Wednesday as many spots should top 80, but behind the front on Thursday, the daylight highs will stay in the 40s with a brisk north wind.   That will be a big change for us, but luckily the frozen stuff will stay well to our north.  This front will have a tough time clearing the LA/MS coast as a WSW upper flow will allow the front to stall with over running moisture keeping rain chances around into the weekend.   After Wednesday, a rather cold and ugly 3-4 days are shaping up.   Boo.

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