Saturday, March 21, 2015

Winter Not Over Up North...

While we have been enjoying a stretch of 80+ warmth, most of the Great Lakes & Northeast are still wearing heavy coats…and in New England, shoveling snow!    Long range computer models are indicating the east coast trough will stay in place for the next 10-14 days with several more Arctic blasts coming up north.  There are hints that the trough may shift westward towards the end of this month bringing the chill back down to the Gulf South.   With the higher sun angle, late season cold fronts usually just mean sweaters and jackets for us so I hope you haven’t  put them away for the summer?    I don’t see any freeze threat this far south, but this has been a Winter to remember so expect the unexpected.


In the short term, a weakening upper disturbance will bring a few shower periods on Sunday, but there will be many dry hours.  A weak cold front will chill us from near 80 on Sunday to the upper 60s & near 70 on Monday.

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