Thursday, May 14, 2015

Faith in the Models...

All computer models indicate we will see way more(60-70%) rain coverage on Friday & Saturday compared to today (20%).  The RPM has the storms rocking us before the noon hour while our VIPIR model says 3-6 PM will be most active.  Regardless of timing, both models pretty much has everyone getting wet sometime during the day.  Remember, probabilities refer to coverage area & have nothing to do with time.  80% chance of rain does NOT mean it will rain 80% of the day.  In fact, if it only rains for 5 minutes, the model verifies at YOUR LOCATION.  Probability is a point forecast.   Bottomline…keep the rain gear handy as you are more than likely gonna need it.  The weekend forecast has no major system coming our way.  Almost hot, humid with spotty T-Showers sounds like a summer time forecast.  Meteorological Summer is 16 days away. 


It’s May and raining in Southern California.  This is the start of their “dry season”.  Some say it’s El Nino, others say more signs of AGW.  Who cares?

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