Monday, June 15, 2015

Bill to Batter East Texas...

The season’s 2nd named storm has developed over the western Gulf and is heading towards the Texas coast north of Corpus Christi.  A building surface Atlantic Ridge (Bermuda High) will steer Trop. Storm Bill away from us with the only impacts being some gusty winds and higher tides.  As Bill moves inland & weakens, seas & tides will relax but that won’t happen until late Tuesday.   A Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect thru 1 PM.   Locally, we should see fewer showers for the next several days as moisture is drawn into Bill and the Ridge builds over us.  That will mean more sunny breaks & hotter temps.  Any storms that do form will be the usual Summer heavy, but they shouldn’t last very long.  Still, tropical downpours can leave 1-2” in less than an hour.   Seeing lines in the stores in Texas reminds me you need to slowly stock up on supplies as we near the heart of the hurricane season.   If you choose to wait until the last minute, then 2 things will happen.  1) lines will be long & 2) supplies are likely to be limited or stores run out.   Be responsible & start stocking up before a storm threat comes to us.

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