Thursday, June 25, 2015

June Front Still Coming...

At this time of the year with such high sun angles, any front is no longer called cold or even cool.  In fact, I recall in the past when a summer front pushed off our coast, we actually were hotter behind the front.   Why?   2 reasons…1) the drier air behind the front heats up more quickly since the sun’s energy doesn’t have to evaporate as much water vapor, and 2) the northerly flow off of hot land eliminates any ocean/Gulf cooling influence.   Both our RPM & VIPIR models have the front coming through after midnight & before daybreak on Sunday.  There could be some really storms ahead of this boundary so keep up on the weather Saturday  PM into Sunday AM.   IF it is on time and has enough momentum to push offshore, Sunday will see any early showers leave with sunshine returning for much of the day.  Drier air should make the morning lows more pleasant on Monday, especially across the Lake.


In the short term, Friday will see more spotty, slow moving heavy storms with tropical rainfall, lots of lightning & gusty winds.  That should keep highs from getting much above 90 with Saturday’s highs stopping in the upper 80s.


Tonight was the last weathercast on our temporary set.  Our old set was erected before Katrina and looked high tech back in the early 2000s.  It was rebuilt exactly the same after Katrina and just looks “dated”.   So after over a decade with the same look, FOX 8 will debut a brand new state of the art, high tech studio on Monday at 4 PM.   It will have huge monitors with interactive graphics.   And you think I have problems with my clickers!   Be patient as we learn how to operate new graphics and new tools in a new Weather Palace!    I think you’ll enjoy the look.  Stay tuned!

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