Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Models Bringing Weekend Front...

As you know, I often disregard short term computer models during the Summer as they have difficulty picking up minor disturbances in the lower latitudes.  However, one thing the models have locked onto is a building upper ridge for this weekend that will bring a heat wave to the western states (global warming) and an unusually deep east coast trough that will make the eastern U.S. almost chilly (global warming).   We don’t get cool air at this time of the year, but a weakening frontal boundary should increase our rain chances for Saturday & Sunday keeping highs below 90.   IF the front pushes offshore by Sunday PM, we could actually see some drier air filter in making for a very pleasant (esp. N-Shore) morning on Monday.   Models show no signs that any spin up will form IF the front sags into the Gulf, but that is something to watch.   The Tropics are as dead as could be with a huge layer of dry African dust covering much of the Atlantic and many TUTT lows elsewhere.   Long live El Nino as it’ll hopefully keep up the wind shear during the heart of the se4ason (Aug-Sept)?  Stay Tuned

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