Thursday, July 16, 2015

NHC Awakens...

Tonight NHC began talking about a cluster of clouds midway out in the Atlantic.  It is the first such cluster to gain their attention so far this hurricane season.  It’s unlikely this will develop into Danny as it will enter higher wind shear & African dust layer  the farther west it moves.   My thoughts are Danny might form somewhere along the east coast where an old frontal boundary lingers, or in the NE Gulf from a disturbance that rotates around the stalled high that is keeping us mostly dry.   This high should stay put for another 2-3 days before retreating back westward next week.  Once that happens, you’ll know because our daily scattered storms will return.  That should keep us from getting so hot.  It’s a given, every day will be hot into mid September.  It’s the degree of hot.  There is a big difference between 96-98 & 91-92.  


The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo begins one week from today.  It’s a fun fishing rodeo where you don’t need a boat to fish.   You can bring your child down to the Island and fish the rocks along the beach for some nice trout.  Who knows, you could catch a fish big enough to win a trophy?  I’m honored to MC the awards ceremony on Saturday night.   John Georges is this year’s President.  Come join us & wet a line.  Registration is easy & you could take home a trophy or win a boat.    Stay tuned!

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