Thursday, July 30, 2015

Not Cold, but Another Front Coming

This has not been a typical Louisiana summer where we see tropical waves rotate around the Bermuda high with windflow coming from the SE off the Gulf.  Most of this summer, the Bermuda High/Atlantic Ridge has been depressed far down into the Gulf with mainly a westerly wind flow across the northern Gulf.  Our storms have been coming down from the north as disturbances rotate around an upper high centered near Dallas.  This pattern has allowed several frontal boundaries drift down off our coast and another such boundary will sag thru on Friday bringing slightly drier air.  I do not expect to see a repeat of late PM storms like the past 2 days.  What we need to monitor is whether low pressure tries to develop as the frontal boundary pushes deeper into the central Gulf.  Hurricane Alicia formed from an old frontal boundary in mid August 1983.  August 1st is Saturday, time to pay attention to the Tropics.   Friday & Saturday look hot & mostly dry with perhaps a few more storms returning for Sunday PM.   Stay Tuned!

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Michael Pierson said...
Could this be probable?