Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rare Sunday Appearance

No I’m not talking about Garth Brooks in NOLA, I’m talking about me working on Sunday without a hurricane in the Gulf!   What’s up?  No, Nicondra has not delivered her baby yet (Due Date early Sept), but her doctors felt she needed some bed rest this weekend.  So Gramps eagerly accepted (actually Bruce is on vacation & Chris is doing AM) filling in for her.     Actually, with the weather being so quiet ( translation boring ), it’s been a fairly easy day.  A large upper high is parked over the southern U.S. bringing some of the hottest temps of the summer so far.  We reached 95 for the first time today in Kenner while Audubon Park hit 98 & Hammond 97.  Obviously, basic summer heat precautions are required during the peak heating hours.  


The tropics are still quiet, although NHC got excited this AM by a small swirl off the Carolina coast.  It is moving farther to the east and NHC has dropped the prob. for development from 20% to 10%.      It appears we may get thru July without any storms as long as the upper high hangs around us.   Stay tuned!

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Michael Pierson said...

From a 40% chance to Claudette in 3.5 hours! Amazing!