Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Danny Watch Continues

I don’t recall a tropical system moving so slowly way out in the Atlantic.  Typically they are racing westward at 20-25 mph.  Not so Danny who is limping along at 10 mph.  That means we’ll be tracking this fella for a long time…unless he falls apart as he nears the Caribbean.  I know folks are watching all the model runs out through 10-14 days, but my experience tells me not to get nervous until any system  gets within 1,000 miles from N.O.   Danny still is 3,000+ miles away.  He could turn north before reaching the Leeward Islands, he could stay well south and weaken under strong SW wind shear,  he could go straight into Puerto Rico bringing welcomed rainfall, he could make a loop east of Florida, and it could snow here in December!   C’mon, it’s useless to speculate on something that far out in time.  IF Danny is ever to be our concern, we’ll have plenty of time to prepare & react to that threat.  For now, let’s chill out.


Speaking of chilly, today’s high was only 85 as clouds and showers kept us less hot.  Could see a repeat on Thursday as deep Gulf moisture is interacting with an approaching front.  Thursday could be stormy at times with coverage 69-80%.   Remember, rain chances have nothing to do with time.  We’ll see many dry hours between storms.   The weekend looks drier and hotter.  Stay tuned!

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Kim D.M. said...

Thanks Bob !!! I've been watching you since I was a child and I know that I can always count on you to keep things in perspective when it comes to threatening weather conditions.