Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pinch me, It's Still August !

Hard to believe that Monday’s high was 96 and today we stopped at 87.  More importantly, the overnight lows have dipped into the 50s & 60s making it feel like Fall 4 weeks early.  We’ll take it and hopefully it’s a sign that more fronts will be coming shortly.  Not to say we are done with the 90s because we’re not.  In fact, we’ll be feeling summer like again by Saturday with our daily pop up storms showing up again.   This certainly has been a welcomed relief to a very long & hot summer.


Tropical Storm Erika has flared up again tonight but NHC says that’s temporary as it will encounter increasing SW wind shear for the next 2-3 days.  Both the American (GFS) and European models curve Erika east of Miami and blow her up into a major Hurricane east of Jacksonville and head it towards the Carolinas next week.   What we want to make sure of is the curve to the north.   We don’t want this system to get into the eastern Gulf even though it appears SW winds would protect us here in SE LA/MS.   Our pay attention day will be late Saturday when we should know if she’s making the turn to the north.  Stay tuned!

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