Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Active Pacific, Quiet Atlantic

It’s far too soon to begin talking about the “Fat Lady Singing”.   Remember that was the Yogi Berra line about “ the game isn’t over until the Fat Lady sings”.   I have used it to signal the end to our Hurricane season threat which historically plunges by the first week of October & is over by November 1st.   This year we have a full blown El Nino that has wacked down most storms in the Atlantic so far.  I was reading a paper indicating that in past strong El Nino years, the tropical Atlantic completely shuts down late September into October.   Wow, wouldn’t that be nice?  That means we only have another 3-4 weeks to monitor the Tropics before I can tell ya the “Fat Lady” is singing.   Right now, there is nothing cooking out in the Atlantic except Fred and he is barely hanging on.   The cold is building in northern Canada (30s & 40s) and it’s only a matter of weeks before “dem fronts”  start coming.  As a warm weather freak, the only thing I like about the cold is it kills the hurricane threat.


Locally, satellite loops still show several swirls of low pressure along an upper trough that stretches from the Ohio Valley down into the western Gulf.  Yesterday the trough was along the Texas coast giving them a rainy day.  The trough shifted over us today and it appears to be sliding slowly to our south and east.  If that trend continues, we should see more sunshine on Thursday with fewer showers.  Of course that will mean hotter temperatures again back to 90+.  Today’s clouds and showers kept us a pleasant 85.  Stay tuned!

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