Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cold Front Coming...

Funny how location determines the importance of weather.   Living out West and you’re dealing with drought & wildfires.   Living down South, you’re waiting for cold fronts.   Living along the East Coast, you’re worried will Joaquin be like Sandy and turn back to the west?  Location, location, location.   Fortunately, our location will be perfect as our next cold front will bring back that good Fall Feeling of 2 weeks ago, except this front will be a little cooler.    Northerly winds will make us feel almost chilly (no foolin’) for Thursday, Friday & Saturday mornings.   Sunshine should make the afternoon highs comfy 75-80.   With the big dip in the jet stream closing off over the Southeast, we should enjoy an extended spell of dry, pleasant weather into next week.


If you have any travel plans up the East Coast, beware there could be some major disruptions caused by the interaction of Joaquin with the digging upper trough.   Some models turn the hurricane back towards the coast for Sunday while others keep it out to sea.   NHC stressed the complexity of the future steering for this system and highlighted the UNCERTAINTY of the track forecast.  5 days out and nobody can say where Joaquin is going.  He will not be our problem…location!    Stay tuned!

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