Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Summer Ends, Fall Fizzles

Astronomical Summer ends at 3:21 AM on Wednesday with no tropical threats so far.  Computer models are still hinting at low pressure forming over the Gulf NEXT weekend, but based on past performance, why should we buy into that?   Let’s wait until something is there to follow.  Next weekend is the 1st weekend in October and you know how history is on our side regarding major hurricanes coming in October.  The “fat lady” is in the house and is walking towards the stage.   Hopefully, by the end of next week I can tell you she’s on stage singing.  Stay tuned!


We enjoyed another brief Fall preview yesterday and today, but that won’t last.  Low level moisture will return making it feel summer like again.  Some showers will be along the coastal locations for the rest of this week with eve a few reaching the city.  Our rain chances will increase as we head into the weekend and thru early next week as our upper level flow out of the north (dry) shifts back to the SW (wet).


Thanks for your patience as I have been under the weather the past 3 days.


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