Friday, November 20, 2015

Get Use to the Chill. Gonna be a Long Winter

While folks across the central plains on into the Great Lakes are shoveling the white stuff today, I enjoyed playing some golf wearing shorts.  It’s why we live here.   I was born up north and just thought Winter was “normal”.  Not !   Well a taste of Winter is coming here Saturday and you’ll need the heavy coats for Saturday night into early Monday.   A light freeze is likely on the North Shore both Monday & Tuesday mornings with some frost possible away from Lake P. on the South Shore.  Next week will see a big warm up with Thanksgiving Day topping 70+.


In an “El Nino” winter, typically the southern states are wet & chilly so we best get use to these fronts coming.  Does that mean we’ll see some of the white stuff?   Could be.  I’d rather see it snowing & 32 degrees instead of raining and 38.   But then again, I’ve seen how people struggle driving here in the rain, let alone snow.   Go get the logs ready, have the blankets handy and try to enjoy our 1st really chilly weekend.

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