Friday, November 13, 2015

No Weekend Woes, Storms Next Week?

For mid-November today was as good as it gets…chilly start with a comfy cool afternoon.  Saturday & Sunday will be more of the same.  For the 1st time in a month, we’ll have a weekend without rain.  Big changes are coming for next week as another major early winter like snowstorm blankets the Rockies before triggering more severe weather in the plains.     It appears the severe threat will be farther south than last week’s storm and we have the potential for some heavy flooding rains here.  Way too early to know if the severe threat will extend down to us, but we’ll need to pay attention to this developing situation.  I’ll be out in my yard this weekend getting it ready for the winter chill that’s bound to show up by late November into December.  My grapefruit tree is loaded again (200+) and it needs some colder nights to sweeten up the fruit.  The fruit on my lemon tree is just starting to turn yellow so it won’t be long for Vodka tonics!   Then again…why wait for ripe fruit?


Perhaps you’ve seen the promos talking about my revealing a personal side of me next Wednesday.   I invite you to watch as it could be a hair raising experience!

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