Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stormy Night

As one gets up in age, it becomes more difficult to stay awake after 10 PM.  But awake we are since we have a Tornado Watch for SE LA/MS until 3 AM.  So far the only warnings have been way up towards the LA/MS line near Kentwood.   Our VIPIR lightning counter has been decreasing indicating most storms are weakening as they approach N.O.    Rainfall amounts have been 1-2” with this line so we all will get a good soaking.   Once this weather passes, we have a nice dry stretch coming that should last thru the weekend.  A new surge of cold air will make us kind of chilly late Saturday into Sunday.   Not bad for November, especially when Chicago is expecting their first snow!


41 years ago I made the decision to cover up my thinning hair.  I started to wear a hairpiece at age 27 in Dayton, Ohio figuring bald guys don’t stay in TV unless you’re Nash Roberts, Willard Scott or Al Roker (Forgive me Carl!).   So thru the years, each day I put on a wig.  Last year my wife found a new hair restoration process that did not do “plugs”.  It was a robotic process that gave you a natural hairline.    Since my kids were grown, and with Brenda’s encouragement, I said “what the heck”.   So in August 2014 I had my hair follicles taken from the back of my head and placed on the front.  Wednesday night you’ll get to see the results of 14 months of growth.   I like it.  Would prefer more density, but it’s a natural look.  Tune in to our 9 PM news to see the little Fella go TOPLESS!

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