Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Meteorological Winter Begins

Somewhat ironic that we just finished 7 straight days of temps 75+ degrees, but today actually began the 3 coldest months of the year which we call “Meteorological Winter”.  There are no signs yet of any brutal cold coming, but longer range models are indicating much colder air will plunge into the lower 48 for the last 2 weeks in December.  That should be just in time to cover a lot of folks in the white stuff for Christmas.  What about here?  Unlikely, but north Louisiana & parts of the deep South could see a snowstorm.   It’s the time of the year to pay attention for southern storms in an El Nino winter.


In the short term,  a painfully slow moving cold front has staggered off our coast.  Wednesday still looks overcast & gloomy, but sunshine should return for Thursday through Saturday.  Temps should be more seasonal with no 70s coming back for awhile.


The more I hear about Pairs, the more I fear.  But one of the brighter points coming out is Wealthy billionaires donating money to fund “clean energy”.  That’s the way it should be, not government subsidizing  innovations, but private capitalists providing the funds. 

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