Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"The Sin of Neglect" Huh?

And so I’m watching The Weather Channel tonight on my dinner break when I heard a rant by Mike Bettis regarding the Republican Debate the previous night.   #1)  I am a registered Independent and 2) am not paid by any fossil fuel producer.   I don’t have an agenda and believe we have been in a warming CYCLE since the early 80s.   Where I disagree with the AGW Alarmists is what is the DRIVER of climate change?  They believe it’s CO2 & I don’t.  They believe if you lower CO2, the climate will stop warming, I don’t.  I believe The Weather Channel should be a provider of all scientific views, not just the side that keeps many of them employed.     Now let me rant.   I didn’t watch the debate, but I read it was to be about the IMMINENT threat of Terrorism.   For what I’ve heard today, that’s what it was about.   What Mr. Bettis claimed was this.   The debate was about “national security” and not talking about climate change was “the Sin of neglect”.       Awe c’mon Mike.  Really?    Climate change some 40, 60, 100 years from now deserves to be included with something that is happening now (mass shootings, bombings).     Priorities folks.   We need to focus on the IMMINENT threat & not something beyond our lifetime that may never happen.    But then again, I’ve long known the Weather Channel has an agenda.  What say you?


In the short term, finally some cooler air will arrive to make us feel more like December.   Once all of the showers are gone, and you are dressed for it, this weekend will feel great with comfy cool temps and very dry air.  Enjoy!

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