Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Experience of Age...

Watching all the young (mostly under 40) weathercasters on The Weather Channel gush adjectives like “Epic, Historical, unprecedented (translation – never in my lifetime) regarding tomorrow’s snowstorm reminds me of my nearly 7 decades on this planet.    Back in the 50s I remember riding our school bus getting stuck in deep snow.   No big deal…tow truck pulled the bus out & we made it never thinking school should be cancelled.  In 1967 I remember the Great Chicago Blizzard producing over 2 feet shutting down expressways.   It was bad for 2 days, but then the city got back working again.  No one claimed “historical”.  IT was winter!  IN 1978 in Dayton, Ohio the Great Blizzard produced 1-2 feet with temps below zero.  Nope, the media didn’t cry EPIC.  In the 80s, I had to drive to downtown Chicago to pick up my brother-in-law at the train station.  Temperature was minus 25 with the windchill minus 82!   Well, I do remember a Headline in the Chicago Sun Times saying 82 BELOW!!!   But I just don’t remember the weather hype back then.    Now days, every rain storm seems to require a break into regular programming.   That’s part of the reason I’m retiring this March.    I am not married to my phone.  I don’t constantly watch my phone for breaking news & weather.  I don’t twitter all the time.  Facebook?  Good luck.   No, time has changed. Everyone has a cell phone camera.  Weather video is posted almost instantly regarding any weather event.   It’s the newer technology and it is for the better…especially like tonight when the tornado warning sounds off on my phone. But I don’t have the energy nor the will/desire to get involved with that technology.  The “good old days” weren’t necessarily good.  They were just simpler times.


Some heavy downpours are coming through for the next 2-3 hours, but most of the activity should diminish after 10 pm as the cold air blasts in.  This will be the coldest air of the season with a moderate freeze(23-37) on the Northshore on Sunday and a light freeze (28-32) for the South Shore.   Friday will feel awful with temps 25-30 degrees colder made worse by the 20-30 mph north winds making it feel like the 20s.   Saturday won’t be much better except for sunshine returning.  Highs should stay in the 40s both days.  Get your gardens ready for the freeze this weekend.  Stay Tuned

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KP said...

We will miss you, Bob!