Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcome AMS to NOLA

The annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society is in New Orleans this week.  I have found past meetings to be mainly a lovefest of AGW researchers with few, if any, dissenting opinions allowed.  I have been a member of the AMS since 1968 (48 years), a TV seal holder since 1971( 45 years) and a CBM Seal holder since 2008.  It is an organization dominated by University &  government agencies.   Need I say more?


After a record warm December, we have reverted to a more normal January cold pattern.  Snow cover up north is on the increase and there are signs that a major snow storm could be coming in the 7-10 time frame.   Nah, not here, but parts of the Deep south could see some white with the potential for a hard freeze down to the Gulf coast.    We have about another 4-6 weeks to worry about those “pipe busting” freezes.   Once into March, that higher sun angle should begin to work its magic.  Until then, stayed tuned!

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