Sunday, February 14, 2016

Record Cold...Must be Climate Change?

With all the media hype regarding “hottest year ever”, it’s hard not to chuckle when you hear the AGW crowd saying the current cold WEATHER EXTREMES are due to global warming.  Let’s see, do you remember their forecast that there would be less snowfall in the Northeast because it will get too warm.   Duh…the Central Park snowfest last month was cancelled because of…TOO MUCH SNOW!  This weekend’s Central Park ice Festival was cancelled because….it was TOO COLD!  - 9 in Boston?   Geez, that’s what I remember it was like when I was growing up.  Could it be that we are entering the dreaded cooling CYCLE after this El Nino?   Nah, when we hit 95 in June (when it’s supposed to be hot) we’ll hear the same stale tune…It must be global warming.   Again, a warmer Planet is FAR BETTER than a cooing Planet.  But the CYCLE of climate change will continue in the future as it has in the past.  What may end is the cycle of government funding for promoting global warming when the data does not support the researchers.  Stay tuned!


We have the possibility of seeing some strong storms on Monday PM.  This will be our 1st rin in nearly 2 weeks so hopefully, we’ll get some soakers and not the severe weather?


As I look back at 38 years with Ch. 8, I regret all the ownership changes we endured(7 at least).  With each change came management changes( 10 General managers, 12 News Directors), each thinking their way was better.  We tried new logos, different branding, different consultants with different ideas on how to do the news.   What a disaster after disaster.   Finally, we decided to hire John Snell from Ch. 4.  Our GM (Greg Buisson) knew we needed an anchor who would bring instant credibility.  John did that.   Nancy Parker was hired from Baton Rouge. Later on Lee Zurik, Jim Henderson & Juan Kinkaid (all from ch. 4) added to our credibility.  In weather, Bruce Katz joined Nicondra Norwood as locally raised meteorologists to support me.   Now as I leave, David Bernard(Formerly with Ch. 4) will take over.  It should be a smooth transition and I will be available IF a hurricane threatens the Gulf this summer.   I look back and think…I am truly am The Survivor, but that’s on another network!

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