Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Storms R Gone !

Whew!  What a day!   As I mentioned yesterday, timing & location.    The South Shore east of LaPlace & Kenner was spared the brunt of today’s storms.  We did have a wind gust at FOX 8 of 50 mph, but  the tornado damage stayed to our west and north.  A cold front is bringing cooler and drier air in for the next several days and you’ll need sweaters and jackets once again.  Winds will still be strong through at least midday on Wednesday with much less wind for Thursday-Saturday.  No more rain is expected until next week.  My last day is next Wednesday and, wouldn’t you know it, models are hinting at another strong upper disturbance might head our way.   What a way to go out!   Not!



With 8 days to go, let me talk about the weather observer network we have here at FOX 8.  I tried to duplicate what Roy Leep (my 1st boss) had in Tampa & what I developed in my time in Dayton, Ohio.   I asked for viewers who had rain gauges to call me with their rain totals.  We started with a couple but through the years, we now have nearly 60 individuals who help make my weather truly local.   Some have been with me for decades with the oldest being “Miss Betty” in Metairie at a young 93.   In fact, Miss betty had a health scare last week & had a pacemaker put in.  But she was back at it again tonight.  All Hail Miss Betty!   Several have passed on through the years and I can’t thank them enough as they all are unpaid (free) reporters.   Tomorrow we look back at how I became “little Tiger Woods”!


Janine Dupre said...

Will miss you and your blog. Happy golfing n fishing.

Lucille King said...

Bob, I've been wanting to wish you well as I read your most recent blog posts. I am 40 years old and I feel like I've "known" you all of my life. I remember you being my favorite weather man when I was little and I was THRILLED to see you at a circus when I was about 8. You gave me your autograph and it was the highlight of my circus experience. A couple of years ago you put a happy birthday picture for my mom on the air at my last minute request and she was delighted as well. You've brought so much more than weather into our home and I'm so happy that you've made New Orleans yours all of these years. I wish you the best and happiest of times as you move on.

God Bless,
Brandy Hampton
Chalmette, LA