Monday, February 15, 2016

Winter done?

I know it’s only Feb. 15th with half the month to go, but looking out the next 5-7 days and I see no new cold coming for the Deep south.   Doesn’t mean we’re done with any freeze threat (remember the great March storm of 1993?), but with trees budding out, birds frolicking around, flowers blooming, how can you not feel like Spring is just around the corner?   The Northeast is warming up but not quick enough to prevent an ice & snow storm tonight.  Our cold front today ended our dry spell at 11 days with most areas getting a good soaking.  The heaviest amounts were on the North shore (1-2”) with lighter (less 1”) amounts South Shore.    All rain is long gone and the next 5-7 days look dry with a warming trend.  Enjoy.


With Mardi Gras gone, it doesn’t mean we are done with parades.   Back in the 80s, I was the Grand Marshal of the Downtown Irish Club.  It was a walking club that marched (staggered) from the Lakefront into Downtown N.O. stopping at what seemed like 40 bars along the way.   I didn’t know I was supposed to chug a beer at each bar and I didn’t.   The first 3 went down quickly, but the next 4-5 were a struggle!   Needless to say, I was snookered by midnight and I don’t remember the drive home since I fell asleep.  But it was my willingness to get involved with New Orleans that endeared me to many folks.  Tomorrow night I’ll talk about my 1st oysters at Casamento’s on Magazine St. with Alec Gifford & Buddy D.

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