Friday, February 12, 2016

Winter Woes Staying Well North/East

All the network news programs highlighted the dreaded “POLAR VORTEX” tonight that will bring the coldest air in several years (maybe record breaking?) to the major cities of the Northeast.  Fortunately for us, the core of the cold will remain well to our north, but it’ll be chilly enough on Saturday and Sunday to use the sweaters & jackets again.  A fast moving upper disturbance will bring our best rain chances in nearly 2 week Monday before we dry out and warm up again late next week.   Today is day 9 with rain and my garden needs some water.  Stay tuned.


As we head towards the finish of my 38 years with Ch. 8, it’s fun to look back on the many who helped make me better.  It starts with the late Mike Herrera, who was the voice of Ch. 8 during the 70s & 80s.  Mike did our weekend weather while I handle the weekday programs.  We didn’t have a morning newscast until after Katrina.  Nancy Russo was hired in 1980 as the 1st female meteorologist in New Orleans.   Some of the other meteorologists that helped me were Joe Cioffi, Ken Aucoin, Howard Bernstein, Brian Greenwald, Christy Henderson, Crystal Wicker,  Chip Barrere, Chris Franklin, Kim Vaughn, and Dawn Brown.  They may have been others, and I apologize if I left someone out.  Many of the above went to bigger markets & I am proud of their success.      Our current weather team is Bruce Katz, David Bernard, Nicondra, Norwood & Shelby Latino.      I feel like I’m leaving FOX 8 in very good hands.   I’ll still be available this summer if a hurricane threatens the Gulf, but we hope not.   More to come as we recall many very good years. 

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AH3RD said...

There's WWL-TV's first Chief Meteorologist, the late Al Duckworth, who'd succeeded Nancy Russo in 1987.